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Kim K backs Hillary Clinton

Kim Kardashian is known for provocative picture shoots than giving to political discussion, yet she guessed outside of her comfort zone on Tuesday, during an appearance in The Commonwealth of California, a not-for-profit public issues forum.

LaDoris Cordell, Northern California’s first female African American judge that ran an interview with all the reality television star has retired and questioned her about several hot-button problems, The Daily Beast reported.

On the virtues of gun control there continues to be an increasingly controversial argument in the wake of the terrible shooting of nine individuals in a predominately black church in Charleston, South Carolina. During her look Tuesday, Kardashian seemed with reform supporters to side.

She said that she does not keep firearms and that her scares. “If I could make a move to alter the world …

Kardashian discussed that portrayal in The Commonwealth of California, and declared herself a feminist in a July cover story for Rolling Stone.

I never presume what I say is the best thing, but I consider you need to do what makes you feel comfortable.”

Kardashian spoke about the transition of Jenner has had a favorable effect on her, and continues to show support for her former stepparent Caitlyn Jenner.

“Unless you are really going through it, you will never 100% comprehend it,” she said according to The Daily Beast. “Caitlyn is really thankful for many of this. The reason we wished to share our family narrative during a two-hour special was to demonstrate that each member of the family is going to have distinct view or reaction to something, and that is fine. Everybody has another psychological transition to locate their particular means to support it. Caitlyn has helped me learn to be much less judgmental. Through it all, I saw it might be hard for many people, but that is still fine.”